Monday, February 4, 2008

Insert Sexual Innuendo Headline About Rod Here

I don't know the whims of this guy. I don't know what makes this guy tick. Why this guy laughs at the things that he does. Why he hates some movies and loves others. Or why this guy writes in the third person.

Here's what I do know. I saw the movie Hot Rod the other night and thought it to be pretty damn funny. Yeah, it's really stupid at times and it tends to take a joke too far, but it has a lot going for it as well. This movie was to have starred Will Ferrel and it feels like it. And honestly, I'm glad he took a pass on this one because I think it would have been a different film. I think Ferrel would have taken it down the arrogant idiot route that he is so familiar with. With Adam Samberg in the lead, you have a lovable loser instead. And there's just something about Adam that I like. His whiny puss is without peer.

How can you not love a movie in which the plot is about a kid risking his life to raise enough money to give his step-father an organ transplant only so he can kick his ass. It felt like a movie that wasn't trying too hard to make you like it. Honestly it reminded me of the old Adam Sandler movies Billy Madison and Happy Gilmore. Those were strange and funny and didn't try to tell jokes everyone would get or even like.

I'm not saying that Hot Rod is a breakthrough in comedy, but to me comedy is about taking risks and putting stuff out there knowing full well that a lot of people will hate it. And for those few that get it, it's great stuff.

And I'm sure you're wondering what My Comedy Penis thought of the movie. Well, if you must ask, it liked it.

Okay so enough of the jibber jabber. Let's take the rest of this post and put out all those dirty rod headlines here.

Smokin' Hot Rod!

Hot Rod Isn't Too Short Or Too Long.

This Hot Rod Satisfies.

You'll Crave Hot Rod Again And Again And Again.

This Is One Rod I Didn't Shy Away From.

Bring The Kids!

Even Grandma's Love Hot Rod.

Hot Rod Never Went Soft On Me.

88 Minutes Of Hot Rod Was Almost Too Much To Handle!

Somebody Grab A Bucket Of Ice!

Smell That? It's Hot Rod.

Leslie Got Too Close To The Hot Rod And She Liked It.

That Burning Sensation Means The Hot Rod Is Working.

10 Minutes Of Hot Rod Is All You'll Need.

Alright, alright I'm done. Feel free to add some.


Ray said...

Here's mine:

A Hot Rod should be jammed in a Piper for liking this movie.

Nayana Anthony said...

Yeah... I couldn't get through this one.

Piper said...

Yep. I'm feeling pretty alone on this one.

Burbanked said...

HOT + ROD = one lonely piper

bird flu said...

The only expectation I had was Samburg. He's a terrific idiot. One of those guys who can make farting noises under his arm look genius. Not saying the movie was genius but Id definitely watch this on TBS again and again.

Garrett Sorrels said...

I'm with you on this, i watched it a few months ago and enjoyed it quite a bit.

The Hot Rod burned my leg.

Fletch said...

I'll see this eventually. It really is a pretty dividing flick in terms of love it or hate it. I could go either way, I'm guessing...

Piper said...


Not sure why. To claim it as such a divisive movie is giving it way more credit than it deserves. It was a fun little movie and it took me by surprise.

Anonymous said...

Yessss!! There simply isn't enough love for Hot Rod.