Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Top 5 Tuesdays (T5T) Makes You Misty

Let me just put this out there already. I cry pretty easily. It's entirely possible for me to not really care for a movie and still cry at it. Here's a good example: the Freaky Friday remake starring Jamie Lee Curtis and Lohan. It's not great, but still a parent struggling to connect with his/her kid just gets me, okay? I'm not made of metal people.

There are movies out there that can move people to buckets and buckets of tears. To tap into something generally or personally. You can cry for joy or cry for sorrow, but if the tears are flying, the movie deserves its place right here for Top 5 Tuesdays. So give me your Top 5 weepers. Here are mine.

1. Terms Of Endearment Not so much the dying part, but the relationship between Nicholson and McClain really got me. Especially the scene at the airport at the end.

2. Million Dollar Baby I was embarrassing during this movie, I cried so much. Not sure if this was timing or what, but I couldn't stop crying at the end of this.

3. White Christmas When the general comes into the big room and all the soldiers are back to salute him, I'm a mess.

4. Fandango Yeah, I know... what Top 5 Tuesday can't I fit this movie into? But the end of innocence is a big thing and I think this movie captured it well.

5. The Game It's a little strange that I would list this here, but when Michael Douglas discovers that it was all bullshit and everything was okay, I cried just to let out some tension. That's how effective this movie was.


Fletch said...

Ha - great topic. Where's Play Misty for Me?

Made of metal? It sounds more as though you're made of tissue. *rimshot*

The end of Dead Poets Society used to get me all the time. I've seen it so much that it doesn't anymore.

I think when I saw Forrest Gump in the theater, it got a little misty when he realized it was his son and all that crap.

That's all I got. I'll get close every now and then, but I can't think of any others (not even Field of Dreams) that open the pipers, er, pipes.

General Patton said...

The Dirty Dozen ... when Jim Brown is running, dropping grenades down the air vents and he gets shot ... BWAHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Garrett said...

I'm completely embarrassed to admit I cried on my last two entries. It just happened on both within the past two weeks.

1. Edward Scissorhands
2. Defending your Life- These are tears of joy and it gets me everytime. It's at the end where he runs after Merril Streep. He finally proves hes not afraid and gets to go to heaven (cheesy i know)
3. My Dog Skip- I'm a dog lover and there are a couple of "Niagra Falls" areas on this one. The first is when he kicks the dog..what a dick. The second is when he grows up and the dog just waits for him on his bed until he dies. Geez I'm tearing up just typing.
4. About a Boy
5. The Other Sister

Marilyn said...

Easily the saddest movie on the planet:

1. Make Way for Tomorrow - I choked up for a week after seeing it whenever I talked about it to anyone.

2. The Unbearable Lightness of Being - it seemed so unfair!

3. Old Yeller - still can't take death of animal stories

4. Goodbye Mr. Chips - The Peter O'Toole version. I walked out of the theatre with my parents, down a block, and burst into uncontrollable tears

5. Madame X - Mom and I shared a box of Kleenex over this one.

Burbanked said...

I'm a sucker for Peter Weir movies, especially DPS as mentioned and my personal catch-all movie, FEARLESS.

FINDING NEMO, for many of your same reasons, Piper, a dad and his son finding each other.

At the end of Jessie's song in TOY STORY 2 - damn you, Pixar!


And so you know, Piper: you can't really start off a post like you did here and NOT expect me to quote it out of context on my site. Welcome back to the Brains, baby!

Fox said...

Wow... great one today Piper:

1. Rushmore - whenever I see Mr. Blume's close-up with Cat Steven's "The Wind" playing behind it?? Forget about it! I cry a lot in this movie.

2. All Or Nothing - Lots of Mike Leigh's stuff gets to me ... High Hopes, Secrets and Lies, Career Girls ... but this one the most.

3. The Color Purple - ummm... the scene where the two girls are separated??? Then when they are reuninted?!?!? COME ON!

4. Distant Voice, Still Lives - I don't know if I cry b/c it is so beautiful or if it pulls at my heart strings... I think both.

5. Late Spring - Watching the lovely face of Chishu Ryu go through the handing over of his daughter in marriage and then peeling that apple at the end.... whew! I love this movie.

Fox said...

Garret - There is no shame in crying at those last two. It just means you have a good heart! I found myself tearing up at Ladder 49 while I was at the gym the other day.

And Fletch, totally with you there on the Dead Poets Society. Though I think I cried more when Ethan Hawke ran through the snow, and got goosebumps for the Oh Captain, My Captain part.

J.D. said...

It's such a cliche but the ending of FIELD OF DREAMS gets me every time. Also, finale of THE DANCER IN THE DARK is pretty devastating. In theater I saw it in there wasn't a dry eye in the house. Ditto with the end of REQUIEM FOR A DREAM after Ellen Burstyn's heartbreaking performance and then her tragic fate was like watching my grandmother.

Piper said...


ba dum dum ching. Dead Poets Society is good.


Me too on the Sarah M. song. It's a great song and I listen to it often with the kids.

Speaking of that, when my son was five or so he and I were going to watch the movie Legend and we were on the menu page. If you know the music from the movie which is performed by Tangerine Dream, it's beautiful music and it played on the menu page. Anyway, I was getting ready to press play when my son asked me to wait. He listened to the music some more, and then he said that the music was so beautiful that he wanted to cry. And then he cried. He's a good boy.


Not Rushmore for me, but The Royal Tennenbaums. When Stiller at the end gets the new dog and then tells Hackman that it's been a bad year, I always cry. There's something in seeing actors who you would never think to see crying that makes you want to cry.


Requiem is an interesting choice. I never thought to cry during that movie. I mostly wanted to crawl inside my skin and never look out.

Burbanked said...

Damnit, Piper, I don't care much for LEGEND, but that story about your son by itself made me want to tear up.

I really need to start getting more sleep.

Shannon the Movie Moxie said...

Great Topic! There are films that just get ya teary eyed no matter what, eh?

Here are a few that get me every time:

-Whale Rider
-Practical Magic
-Jesus Christ Superstar
-Lord of the Rings: Return of the King - I haven't been able to watch it since seeing it in the theatre

Joseph B. said...

Ditto on "Field of Dreams". I think every guy is allowed one or two tears with that... especially if their father is no longer on this plain.

Garrett said...

Thanks Fox,
This is great therapy. I also teared up a little while watching WALL E this weekend. What a cute lil robot.

Mariana said...

Carrington, E.T, Ghost, Crying Game and Blade Runner (lots of dying, and separation, and love unrequited).

Annie Ha said...

1. Going My Way - when Father Fitzgibbon's old Irish mom comes walking down the aisle of the church.

2. White Christmas - for the same reason as you!

3. An Affair to Remember - when Janou dies. And after the first time you see it, when they leave Janou's and you know you're not gonna see her again.

4. Dumbo - When Dumbo's mom is in Elephant Jail and rocks him to sleep with her trunk through the window.

5. Little Women - every time I read the book or watch the movie I keep hoping Beth will live this time.

Megan said...

Um, Bambi.

Fox said...


Good call on the Stiller scene in Tenenbaums.

The weird thing for me and Wes Anderson movies is that oftentimes when I seem to be crying, other people seem to be laughing.

I mean, everyone's got their own sensibilities, nothing wrong with that, I just find it interesting that people still see Anderson's movies as comedies when I don't, really. Not since Bottle Rocket, at least.

Piper said...


So since Wes Anderson's first movie was Bottle Rocket, that means you haven't seen any of his movies as comedies?

Emily Blake said...

Hero (The Chinese One)
Cry, The Beloved Country
Romeo + Juliet
Brotherhood of the Wolf
Titanic. And screw off, that scene where he falls into the water is really sad so all the haters can suck it.

But to be honest I cry over everything. Hell I cried at the end of Liar, Liar so I'm not the best judge of what makes a good teary moment.

Piper said...


The idea that you're a High School teacher that's writing on a blog and telling someone to "screw off" and "suck it" makes me very, very happy.

I can only imagine that you're one damn cool teacher.

And by the way, Titanic hater right here. Oh yeah.

Fox said...

Piper -

Yeah. I mean, I can definitely see why Rushmore et. al. are categorized as comedies - and don't get me wrong, lots of Rushmore cracks me up - but his movies feel much more eccentricly dramatic to me. Especially the further along he gets in his career.

I relate it to how I find moments in Fellini's movies to be really funny, but I don't necessarily think of his films as comedies...

I hope I am making sense... odd circumstances have left me without my coffee thus far.... a;lsdh ga;jshgljkahgajkh!!!

Piper said...


I'm just razzin ya.

I know what you're saying. To label any of his movies as comedies is to not do them justice.

Sarah said...

Good topic. But since I've been known to cry at car commercials, mine will probably seem pathetic.

1. All About My Mother...tried to tell a friend what this movie was about and broke down.

2. Away From Her...why must we get old

3. Terms of Endearment...beginning to end

4. Where the Red Fern Grows...it's sick that kids watch this

5. Million Dollar Baby...mainly because the girl's parents reminded me of my extended family

Fox said...

DAMMIT!! I gots razzed! >0(

Emily Blake said...

Hah. I tell my kids to screw off all the time, but with love.

Shannon the Movie Moxie said...

Going My Way - oh, that is a good one Annie!

Adam Ross said...

Surprised I'm the first one to mention Bagdonovich's "Mask," all Rocky Dennis wanted to do was ride motorcycles in Europe! And the only person he wasn't horrified by him was a blind Laura Dern, but then her parents wouldn't let her be with him! Screw this, it's getting real dusty in here, can't ssssee ttthe scrreenn.

Piper said...


Just reading this is getting me all... I think I've got something in my eye. Like a piece of dust or something, that's why it's watering like that.

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