Thursday, July 31, 2008

Tron 2 Trailer

Here's a good post idea: what constitutes a fanboy? Am I a fanboy because I am excited about about a sequel to a movie 26 years old? Am I a fanboy if I don't know whether fanboy is two words or not?

Anyway, here is a really shitty bootleg of the Tron 2 Trailer from Comic Con. I mean seriously, my four year old could have done a better job shooting than this dude. Okay, so watch the trailer and answer me this. Is Flynn the new MCP?

Thanks to Jeremy at the martini shaker for the link.


Burbanked said...

I am ashamed of myself and I grieve for the 2+ minutes of my life that I just spent watching that, the single worst bootleg video of all time. This thing will probably be in high res on every site in the universe in roughly two days, so why did I just do that?

But you raise an intriguing question about what makes a fanboy. Each year I read bloggers' coverage of ComicCon, and I think about how very fascinating it would be to go there, soak up the vibe, watch the freak show and admit to myself that I'm truly compelled by it all. I saw on some site that Tori Amos was set up at a table, signing something. Tori frigging Amos? What kind of a crossover fanbase is that?

Maybe, someday, I'll find out what it's all about.

Fox said...

I was about to say that you weren't a fan boy (I also go back-and-forth on the one word vs. two word theory...) but then you dropped in this:

"Is Flynn the new MCP?"


1.) I don't know what that means, and, 2.) you used an acronym.

ANSWER: Yes, Piper is a fanboy (or fan boy... or, fan-boy... or, FB...)

PIPER said...

Okay, okay Fox you got me and made me feel like a complete geek for writing it as if everyone knew what it meant.

MCP = Master Control Program. The big baddie that Flynn beat at the end of Tron. So has he become the new MCP, meaning the new big baddie?

Ben Varkentine said...

Well I'll be a son of a bitch...I never thought I'd see the day.

If it makes you feel any better, if you're a complete geek that must mean I'm a complete geek 2.0, because I was excited by that crappy bootleg.

Also, I knew exactly what you meant when you said Flynn/MCP...and I was listening to the Tron soundtrack earlier today in my car.

Pure chance.

(To answer your question, I can see why you might think so, but I sure hope not. And now I'll further prove my geekiness by suggesting what we saw was the part of Clu that was absorbed by the MCP...)

Joel Bocko said...

Fanboy and emo...two terms I don't relate to (I graduated high school just 6 years ago, but already a whole new teen culture seems to have sprouted up). I see them being thrown around all the time (applied retroactively too, so no one's safe). Although after the absurd reaction to Dark Knight's negative reviews, I'm ready to throw around the first term in all its pejorative glory.

TALKING MOVIEzzz said...
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padraig said...

This is a sequel that must be perfect.

I gave lots of leeway to most sequels; I'm enjoying a revisit of the characters more than the actual movie itself, so they can usually be of lower overall quality and I'll be happy.

Not this movie. I can't keep my expectations normalized for a sequel to Tron. If it isn't perfect, I'm going to loathe it.

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