Monday, July 28, 2008

An Actual Conversation About Escape from New York

GABE: So they've made an entire island a prison?

PIPER: Yep. Manhattan Island. Daddy's going there on Monday.

GABE: You're going to a prison on Monday?

PIPER: No, this movie is fiction. It's just made up. I'm going to the real Manhattan Island.

GABE: So they've made an entire island a prison?


GABE: Where do the good people live?

PIPER: They don't live there anymore. They've just left all of Manhattan to the bad people.

GABE: What?

PIPER: Look. It's like if they put a gigantic wall around all of Kansas City and just dumped all the bad people in Kansas City. There wouldn't be any good people there because they will have left. Bad people could be living in our house right now if all of Kansas City was a maximum security prison.

GABE: But this is an island.

PIPER: Yes. And Kansas City is not.

GABE: You know, there's a real prison on an island.

PIPER: I know, it's called Alcatraz.

I never knew how complicated the concept of Escape from New York was.


Adam Ross said...

Ha! More reason not to show him "Escape from L.A."

elgringo said...

If "Gabe" is less than 12 years old, that's the most adorable thing I've ever read. said...

hahahhaha great post.

The Fraze said...

Haha - gotta love Escape from New York.

Hey I'm Adam - member of LAMBS. I just revamped my blog with a total makeover - stop by and let me know what you think!

Piper said...


He's 10 years old. These conversations are not uncommon.

the fraze,

I'll check it out. Thanks

Anonymous said...

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