Friday, July 11, 2008

Shout Outs Week Of 7/7

First things first, head over to Culture Snob and participate in the Self-Involvement Blog-a-Thon.

Nathanial at Film Experience wants to tell you something about Lindsay Lohan

Some movie deserve to be watched it Summer. It just seems natural. Adam at DVD Panache has listed 7 of them.

Fletch at Blog Cabins asks a pretty damn brilliant question. What year at the movies best defines you?

Evil On Two Legs showcases the fashion of Camp Crystal Lake. In 2 parts, no less.

And speaking of Jason Vorhees... Roderick at Ferdy On Films has a great new feature called Famous First. Here he writes about the Friday The 13th Clan.

And finally, Alan at Burbanked finally admits what we've always known. He is a walking movie cliche.


Fletch said...

You shout. I get off your lawn. I get it.

PIPER said...


Are you a Jim Rome fan?

Whenever I think "Shout" I think of Mel Gibson from Ransom yelling "Give Me Back My Son!" Rome plays that about ever day. Anyway, this all seems kind of random and weird, but that's what I think about.

Fletch said...

Boom...outta here.