Tuesday, June 19, 2007

What Say You? Rogan Vs. Rogan

It's completely possible that Seth Rogan will be a big star. His lead role in Knocked Up and his friendship with Judd Apatow will certainly steer him in the right direction. So I think it warrants a little peek at his career thus far and maybe decide some next steps for him.

In the 40 Year Old Virgin, Seth Rogan plays a supporting role as a self-indulgent, cocky womanizer. He lives in the moment, has the best times and doesn't think about much else. He's a nice enough guy once you get to know him and funny as all get out. He's not too pretty but gets by all that fueled with high-octane ego.

In Knocked Up, Seth Rogan plays the lead as an everyday schmo. A sweet loser or sorts. A guy who is too scared to talk to the pretty girl and is usually the dumpee rather than the dumper. He wants to do the right thing but doesn't know how. He's not too pretty and like most unpretty guys, he gets by with a laugh or two.

In watching Knocked Up, I couldn't help but think about the two kinds of Seth Rogans. And I couldn't decide which one I liked more. The cocky one or the simple and sweet one. The supporting or the lead actor. I guess I liked a bit of both, but if I suddenly got pulled in to studio executives office and asked the question "which one" I would have to say the cocky supporting role Seth really makes me laugh the hardest. But that's just me.



brian said...

I think he pulled both parts off.

He's the lovable loser either way.

If he departs from that, I think he is making a mistake.

Anonymous said...

I love him in both, but I'm taking Bachelor No. 2 (my favorite Aimee Mann album, by the way).

40 Year Old Virgin had him being funny and appealing, but he was simply the friends you'd like to have because he's hilarious and vulgar.

I related to him a lot more in Knocked Up. He's self-conscious, a little pathetic, defensive, self-deprecating, afraid to talk to the pretty girl...I know this guy. And as funny as it was, the scene with his tucked-in shirt (don't want to reveal too much to those who haven't seen it, but you know the scene I'm talking about) was pretty heartbreaking because of his situation, but also because of who he is -- or rather, who he wants to be.

I like that much better.

Garrett Sorrels said...

I love both but would have to say I care more for the Sweet, humble, funny guy in "knocked-up".
I do think his character with Paul Rudd (friend combo) in 40 year old Virgin make that movie.

I like both of those characters better than the "bully type" characters \from Freaks & Geeks or Donnie Darko. I didnt like those jerks.

Anonymous said...

Then there's the henpecked husband Rogan in "You, Me and Dupree," a movie utterly without merit except for the Josh Rogan screen time.

I really enjoyed Knocked Up, but with all that leisure time to look at Rogan closely and listen to him talk, it occurred to me that he reminds me of a young Rob Reiner. Now that I've thought of that, I can't unthink it.