Tuesday, January 1, 2008

All Dances Must Come To An End

This post is for The Endings Blog-a-Thon that actually finished yesterday at Joe's Movie Corner.

At the end of the film Fandango comes one of the finest finishes I have ever seen in a movie. The final minutes serve as what best can be described as one enormous montage. After calling off his wedding, Kenneth Waggener (Sam Robards) comes to his senses and he along with The Groovers - made up of Gardner Barnes (Kevin Costner), Phil Hicks (Judd Nelson), Dorman (Chuck Bush) and Lester Griffin (Brian Cesak) - arrange one hell of an impromptu wedding in a small town in Texas. A good montage is measured by its ability to marry sight and sound and this does that just perfectly. Kevin Reynolds shoots each scene with absolute grace and they flow together like the notes from Pat Metheney and Lyle Mays' jazzy guitars.

Its hard not to let ones heart soar during these last few minutes because Waggener gets to marry the beautiful Suzy Amis, but the bigger message here is that there comes a time when the road trip ends. When the bubble pops and reality sets in - reality being the Vietnam draft. This montage represents the last dance. The inevitable has been put-off as long as possible and now it's time to grow up. But for now, there is the dance and The Groovers want to celebrate every last glorious minute.

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