Thursday, January 31, 2008

If You Like... #1

I'm an easy person. A simple person. The smallest things please me and keep me occupied for hours. For these reasons, I like it when articles or websites have sections that say "if you liked this... you'll love this." It fascinates me really. Sometimes the suggestions are right on, sometimes they couldn't be more off. I always wonder how they come to the conclusions they do. What words are cross-referenced and matched up to ultimately decide. So anyway, I love it and find myself often losing large chunks of time going through recommendation after recommendation provided to me.

So I've decided I'm going to offer up my own version of If You Like... for movies. A quick reference to readers to help them hopefully make the right movie decisions. So here it goes.

If you're a fan of really good ideas executed really badly,
and add to that almost two solid hours of screaming
that sounds like nails on a chalkboard...

...then you'll love 30 Days Of Night.

Hope this helps you.


J.D. said...

It does! Thanks, Piper!

Anonymous said...

Great review of the film!!

Anonymous said...

I actually know one of the people who creates those cress-referencing suggestions. She's a big film buff and makes the decisions. It's not a filmbot.

Neil Sarver said...

Marilyn, I'm curious what your friend does those for. Not to be a butt - although honestly that it is what I'm best at - but I've got to even disagree with Piper about ever seeing a source of them that I don't find either lazy or moronic.

Anonymous said...

I loved this movie. I guess that's bad, huh? :D

PIPER said...

One of these days Neil, you will be forced into a situation where you will have to agree with me and I think then that the world will collapse upon itself.

Film-wise I have rarely found any suggestions to be useful - sorry to your friend Marilyn. Suggestions seem to be based on the most shallow of criteria. But I still love them.

Music-wise I have found some very interesting music through these types of methods so it's not a complete wash.


this movie could have been so much more. I was attracted to it because of its premise of vampire movie/the perfect storm/trapped theme so it wasn't a complete loss, but like I said, it could have been so much more.

And what's with the communicating in a language and then communicating with screeching? If you can talk, why screech?

PIPER said...

Here's a classic example of the craziness that is the movie recommendations section. On imdb, I'm looking at the Hot Rod and at the bottom it say if you like this move, our database recommends Terms Of Endearment? Come on.

Neil Sarver said...

Actually, I agree with you all the time... I just don't usually have anything interesting to say about it. For example I agreed, for what it's worth, with both of you Cloverfield posts. I've just struggled to think of something to say on my blog or in reply to your or other posts on it and come up dry.

I think we also agree on the "If you like, then you'll love..." things. They're nearly always useless, even ridiculous, and yet they remain somehow fascinating. The most common phrasing, which you followed, "If you like, then you'll love..." is also wonderfully goofy. Nearly always it should, if anything be phrased the opposite, "If you like Alien, then you'll love Species" is always kind of how it's done and that's just silly.

PIPER said...

You're right, we do agree Neil.

I was mostly commenting on your self-proclaimed "butt" comment earlier.

Anonymous said...

Piper: you are right about that. I think every movie can be so much more, there isn't such a thing as a perfect movie, there are always room for improvements and that's a good thing.