Monday, January 7, 2008

Why I Love David Lynch

And why I feel like such a tool for loving my iPod iTouch. Thanks to Nathanial at Film Experience for the link.


brian said...

What a find!

Thanks for sharing.

TALKING MOVIEzzz said...

David Lynch hates Iphones and pretty much every other form of technology, including DVDs.

He refused to allow chapter stops on most of his DVDs (until they were forced on some of his new ones).

He doesn't seem to understand that many of us are not able to watch a film in its entirety (the phone may ring in the middle) and how FRUSTRATING it is to have to FF it to the place where you left off.

I never made it through STRAIGHT STORY it was so annoying.

Anonymous said...

Lynch is right - movies are made and should continue to be made for the big screen.

weepingsam said...

5 will get you 10 his next film will be shot and edited on an iPhone and only released on iTunes... and still be the best film of the year, but that goes without saying.

Anonymous said...

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