Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Once is never enough – the retraction.

On January 1, I made a rather bold statement. I said that a movie can’t be considered great if you only want to watch it once.

j.d. called me on it, and he was right.

I remember seeing Schindler’s List in the theater. It was difficult to sit through. Nonetheless, it was extremely well-crafted by Steven Spielberg and the memory of the sheer inhumanity still burns bright. I have no desire to see it again. But I’m glad that I saw it and I believe it is a great film.

However, I still contend that the movies in yesterday’s post – Titanic, The Last Emperor, The English Patient, Gandhi, Amadeus and Shakespeare in Love – are boring.


Sheamus the... said...

Yeah...i agree that there are great movies and favorite movies. Two different things. Obviously observing Titanics box office splash Titanic would be considered one of the best movies. Not by you or I of course but I had a friend who saw it 12 times in the theater.

Anonymous said...

i would be so bold as to agree with the statement.

If i can't watch it again, it's not great.

Greatness is when I can see it over and over and over and not get tired.

Otherwise what's the point?

PIPER said...


I think the retraction was a bit too quick. I think your initial statement was correct. There are loopholes however. Schindler's List is a good one, but I can't think of many others.

I agree with sir jorge.

Anonymous said...

Well, Citizen Kane is a brilliant film, but I don't have much of a compulsion to watch it again and again.

Certain great films are such because they push buttons that might be uncomfortable for some. American Beauty is certainly one of those, and Amadeus might be another.

Personally I love Amadeus, as well as Titanic (even though it is just a giant wad of cotton candy). I think they are great movies, albeit for different reasons.

brian said...


Maybe I'll send out a retracton retraction.

PIPER said...

That would be classic.