Wednesday, January 31, 2007

10 Degrees of Lindsay Wagner

I sleep on a Select Comfort bed.

And last night as lay in my bed, a commercial comes on with Lindsay Wagner. She's pitching... Select Comfort beds. And she says her Select Comfort Number is 35. And I thought to myself "Hey, my Select Comfort Number is 45. I'm only 10 numbers away from Lindsay Wagner." So that got me thinking and thanks to imdb I was able to piece some things together and here's what I found.

She starred in
The Six Million Dollar Man TV series with Lee Majors, so I'm 10 numbers away from knowing Lee Majors. Cool.

She was also in the movie Nighthawks which starred Sylvester Stallone and Billy Dee Williams. I'll probably be dropping those two a line very soon.

She was in the movie Ricochet which starred none other than Denzel Washington, John Lithgow and Ice-T. So I got that going for me.

And there are slews of other shows she was in, but these are a few highlights.

Little did I know that I was quite famous, just for buying a slightly gimmicky bed.

And now I am allowing all of you to ride my coat-tails on to fame.

You're welcome.

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Burbanked said...

AND she's got bionic hearing, which means that she's more than capable of listening to your dulcet tones via that new-fangled podcast thing you invented.