Sunday, January 14, 2007

The Power Of Positive Thinking

So the Golden Globes are tomorrow and I would like to send good mojo to the following nominees.

The Departed

Martin Scorsese

Meryl Streep


The Office

Will Ferrell

Helen Mirren

Kate Winslet

And if I'm short on the Mojo, then I reserve it all for Scorsese.


sammyray said...

Martin Scorcese doesn't deserve best director over Alfonso or Guillermo this year, my friend.

Piper said...

Haven't seen either of their films because they haven't been released around me yet.

And you may be right. But I'm not talking about this year.

But I'm talking about 1980 where they missed him for Raging Bull. Or 1990 for Goodfellas. It's payback time.

Alfonso and Guillermo are pups. They have many years ahead of them. Scorsese's clock is tickin. This might be it.

Piper said...

Looks like I have some power after all. Scorsese took home the trophy. Now on to the Oscars.