Thursday, January 11, 2007

Plot Farm 1.1

It's another edition of Plot Farm where I give you 10 words/phrases for you to use to come up with your very own completely original movie plot. Remember, you can use all of the words/phrases or a few of them. You decide.

A dignitary
Long lost love
Car crash
A tuba
An unexpected call
A hammock

Good luck


cheepcheep said...

Nadine Sunday, the daughter of government dignitary Robert Sunday and his mysterious long lost love, a Caribbean cruiseship singer who hasn't been seen since, has decided that it's time for a new era of her personality. Tired of growing up in the painful dichotomy of living in the shadows of her father and being hounded by the press about her mysterious mother, Nadine sets out to seek her fortune away from the drama of her hometown.
While hitchhiking (or rather, waiting to be picked up), Nadine witnesses a horrible car crash. Being the curious young woman she is, she examines the contents of the car, only to find a tuba and the dead body of famed tuba player Will Kane. At that moment, Nadine knows what she must do. After stealing Kane's wallet, tuba (hey, she might be able to pawn it!), and cellphone, Nadine becomes an imposter and identity thief, disguising herself as the gentle tuba virtuoso.
Nadine's disguise is extremely effective. Immediately she is picked up by poppy farmers/tuba enthusiasts on their way to Chicago. However, when they remark on "her" legendary tuba skills and beg for her to play, Nadine panics. Luckily, her drivers are so enamoured with who they think she is that they let it go, so long as she promises to play them a song someday. Nadine hastily agrees, knowing she is safe because she will never see them again.
They drop her off in the city, giving her a poppy plant for any latex-related projects she might have. However, right before they drive off, they demand a song. Nadine stares at the tuba nervously, terrified, because she knows her tuba-playing skills could never match that of Will Kane's. Luckily, she is once again saved by an unexpected call on Kane's cellphone. She answers, only to find that it's HER FATHER, ROBERT SUNDAY, setting up a meeting with the REAL Kane, who has been asked to perform at a cabinet meeting. Horrified, Nadine understands with gravity the error of her ways, flees the scene and doesn't stop running until she reaches Jackson Park, where she meets an untimely death by hanging herself with a hammock.

Hell yes.

PIPER said...

Nice work Cheep Cheep

Anonymous said...

It’s the dead of winter in Chicago and latex tycoon Blaine Johnson just got a divorce. So where do 2 of his college buddies decide to take him to blow off some steam? Dayton Beach, of course. The Mai Tai’s flow and body parts fly as the guys happen to rent a condo right next door to set of nymphomaniac triplets. But the crazy times suddenly get serious when Blaine runs into a long lost love named Cathy. The flame rekindles and Blaine is left with a difficult decision: Go back to Chicago or stay in Daytona with Cathy and open a fish taco stand.