Sunday, January 7, 2007

Disecting Grindhouse

This is the new trailer for Grindhouse. We will call it Bizarro trailer because it is the complete opposite of the first.

The first trailer was amazing. Like something you would stumble across on an old dirty shelf in the back room. It looked to be from another film. You felt like you shouldn't be seeing it. It was anti-Hwood. It was cool.

Bizarro trailer is all Hwood beginning with the Dimension and Troublemaker logos at the beginning, followed by a tongue and cheek definition of what Grindhouse means and carrying into "from the directors who brought you..." It's not cool.

So here's the thing and this is what bugs me. Bizarro trailer goes against the concept.

The concept of Grindhouse, before you even get into what the two movies are about, is about everything Hwood is not. It's gritty, it has no big stars, there's lots of gore, it has unacceptable themes. It's not about production companies and "from the directors who brought you..."

And what really bugs me is, the creators aren't Hwood either. Tarantino and Rodriguez can do whatever they want. So what's with going all traditional with the movie trailer?

I've really spent too much time and space focusing on a trailer to a movie I know will be cool. But it's a disappointment nonetheless. And if you think for one second it will hold me back from seeing the movie, you're crazy.


garrett said...

This is the first time I've seen this trailer. I had not seen the first one so i cant compare. I do think this looks great though, I cant wait until april 6th.

PIPER said...

I have it on an earlier post about Grindhouse being an homage to John Carpenter.

cheepcheep said...

As extremely hollywoodized as I think this movie will inevitably be, I'm still totally stoked for it. Have you read Rodriguez's book about shooting El Mariachi? It's amazing. He can do no wrong in my eyes. Which is probably why I'm still pumped about Grindhouse.

PIPER said...

This article was probably a bit too film geeky. I'm kinda making much about nothing. But I'm in marketing so I like to see an idea carried through on all touchpoints and I feel like they missed an opportunity here by not keeping with the same feeling of the first trailer.

Anonymous said...

Piper, I just looked back at your earlier post and saw the first trailer, which I had not seen before. You're right, it's face-meltingly good. But you've got to admit the second one is still pretty sweet, in a campy vintage girl biker gang movie sort of way.

But yes, having seen the first one makes the second seem, well, campy in a vintage girl biker gang movie sort of way.