Monday, January 15, 2007

Where's The MLK Movie?

I have today off to pay tribute to a great man.

An incredible man.

His life is an amazing story.

Which begs the question. Why isn't there a Martin Luther King movie?

They've made a movie about Ghandi. And Malcolm X. And Nixon. And Patton.

About Ali. And Jake LaMotta. And Jim Braddock.

About Amadeus. And Johnny Cash. And The Doors. And Ray Charles.

About Capote. And Virginia Woolf. And J.M. Barrie. And Dorothy Parker. And Harvey Pekar.

About Bettie Page. And Andy Kauffman. And Ed Wood. And Diane Arbus.

About The Z Boys. And Rudy. And Vince Papale.

About Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. And Bonnie and Clyde.

About The Queen. And The Last Emperor.

There has been a movie about a city. A hockey team. A building. A flight. A car. And a dog.

But no movie about Martin Luther King.

Doesn't seem right, really.

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