Friday, January 5, 2007

Is the 300 trailer for real?

Here's something about me.

I'm usually an optimistic guy. I like to take things on the surface, and not dig too deep to look for the dirty underbelly. I'm simple that way.

So when I see the 300 trailer I get all giddy like a fat kid in a cake store. A double lard cake store, of course. I want to be first in line to see what looks to be one of the coolest movies in 2007 and maybe the last few years.

But then I wonder. I've seen lots of cool trailers that got me all fat-kid-giddy, but then have not delivered. They have duped me with ramping, epic scenes, good music and fast cuts making a shitty two hour movie look really good in a couple of minutes.

Some cases in point.

History Of Violence


Star Wars The Phantom Menace

The Matrix Revolutions

The Village

So until it comes out, I won't know for sure about 300, but for now I'm giddy.

I'm sure you've all been trailer duped. Let me know which ones.


sammyray said...

I share you pain ... but 300 will deliver.

That first trailer for "Phantom Menace" might be the best of all time. Absolutely brilliant editing. A billion mouths dropped when they saw that two second shot of Darth Maul and the double-edged lightsaber.

"The Villiage" looked like ass from the get-go.

PIPER said...

I hope you're right.

We will see.

Reel Fanatic said...

The Village just made my eyes bleed, but I'm fairly confident 300 will be as great as its trailers .. the book by Frank Miller is phenomenal

PIPER said...

Frank Miller is phenomenal. The guy can do no wrong.

cheepcheep said...

I'm pretty sure 300 will live up to our expectations.

Out of curiosity, may I ask why History of Violence did not deliver, in your opinion?

cheepcheep said...

...and when I say "live up to our expectations", I mean that it will probably be as good as the trailer. For me, not my kind of movie. But if it's your thing, I'm sure you'll not be disappointed. It'll be as action-packed and highspeed cut as the trailer, I'll wager.

PIPER said...

Cheep Cheep, good question because I have a lot of baggage with History Of Violence and feel very slighted by it. You see, I'm a huge Cronenberg fan. I have loved his movies for a long time. So when I saw early buzz that this was some kind of masterpiece, I was excited.

But then I saw it and I thought it terrible. I'm a huge fan of the peaceful town with a dirty underbelly. Of course, no one can do it like David Lynch. But I thought the writing was awful and with the exception of Ving Rhames, I thought the performances were terrible. The sex was awkward, the violence was too much. I got what he was trying to do, but it just wasn't write.

So yeah, the History of Violence trailer is probably more my baggage than anything.