Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Give It Up For The Tadpole

Yes the film festivals have been a buzz about Labyrinths, Queens, and giant monster Tadpoles. Seems another movie is making the rounds at the Toronto and New York Film Festivals and the word is is that South Korea can create monster movies the likes of Jaws. It's called The Host.

The Director Bong Joon-ho got together with the Weta Workshop, John Cox's Creature Workshop and The Orphanage to create a Tadpole that will evidently scare the bejesus out of you.

The trailer doesn't do too much for me, but here's what does: anything larger than me that's slimy, angry and can survive under water. Not sure when it hits the States.


Anonymous said...

There are few things angrier than a pissed off Tadpole. The Koreans know horror.

PIPER said...

It is true. They just seem to know cinema. Old Boy is also from Korea and it is one of my favorites.