Friday, January 12, 2007

Burn an hour with Tots

I'm going to break from my regular routine.

But not really.

I'm in advertising. It says so on my profile, so it must be true. And because of that, I advertise. So I'm going to do some advertising right now.

I work at a company called Barkley and we do work for Sonic Drive-In. More specifically, the Sonic 2 guys in the car, Pete and TJ.

And come to think of it, they're in movies. You can see them both in Stranger Than Fiction. TJ is also in The Ice Harvest and Pete is in The Weather Man. So you see, I'm staying real.

Anyways, we just launched an on-line game involving the 2 guys. It's called Tot Rejection. It's simple. It's fun. And you can find it at

It's the second on-line piece we've done with the Sonic 2 guys. The first was It's simple and fun too.

So check it out and burn a couple of hours with Sonic.


Todd C said...

I have played your games. They have screwed with my equiibrium and I am now sick.

Piper, I gotta say you are pulling this blog off. I don't agree with one thing you have said, mostly because I leave work every Friday morning to see the latest Tarantino film.

However, at no time in any of your ramblings have you even come close to making a point. I award you no points and may God have mercy on your soul.

So concludes another insincere entry. Sorry.

PIPER said...

You wouldn't know it to look at it, but Todd C is one of my childhood friends who is very dear to me. Go figure.

Anonymous said...

The number 1 guy should get the trophy...its crap that he doesnt