Sunday, January 7, 2007

Ash Bathes In Old Spice

Man, the playoffs have sucked thus far. At least if you're a Chiefs' fan.

But here's the highlight.

I saw Bruce Campbell in a commercial. That's weird enough, but the product is even stranger. Old Spice. Yes, Old Spice.

It was a strangely appropriate commercial for him. And pretty damn funny.

Nice work Ash. Great to see you again.


Hammer said...

Got your email. Bruse campbell is the man. Just watched army of darkness with my son for the first time and it rocked his socks off.

Piper said...

I'm dying to watch all the Evil Dead films with my son. Unfortunately, he's eight. I'll wait til he's nine. Maybe nine and a half.

Hammer said...

Yep mine was nine. #2 was a little scary for me when it first came out
So I'll save that one for when he's 11

Anonymous said...

you can find the ad here:

Piper said...

Thanks Anonymous, you're the greatest.