Friday, October 17, 2008

The Dead Walk The Earth!

"Brains are much easier to eat if they are blended into a smooth frozen treat"

"More children equals more brains."

"I had to dump Nicholson because I discovered old people don't have very many brains."

"People think it's cute when I ask to eat their brains because of my English accent"

"Superman is all muscle and no brains."


Fox said...

HAHA! Ingenious! I love it.

I'll be waiting for Part 2 : The Plastic Surgery edition!

EVIL CLOWN said...

Looking at these photos, I've seriously started to consider brains as an option. All that eating and they still don't gain weight. What a brilliant diet.

Megan said...


EVIL CLOWN said...


That's two "icks" this week.

Is that in response to Fox or the post?

Megan said...

The pictures. How can they even walk around? It looks like their bones would splinter on contact.

I mean jeez, how'd you like to have that under you? A man could get hurt!

Fox said...

I know it's hard to tell when I'm being serious, but seriously, if you were lovers with one of those women it would be kind of scary.

I have nothing against thin women just like I have nothing against chubby women... all are great ... but if you're rolling around with someone in Keira Knightly's condition, someone could really get hurt!

You can simplify it down to this: when you touch a woman's hips you want to feel "soft" not "pointy".

Lisa Bee said...

Children, turn away! Cover your eyes! Ye gods, they look like it must hurt just to breathe.


Listen, I've made love to dead bodies before and these chicks are way hotter!

EVIL CLOWN said...

You know Joseph, I was going to say something but then I thought... maybe he will first.

From the first day you posted a comment on this blog, I knew you slept with dead people. It's the way you type your "r"s. It's really a dead giveaway.

elgringo said...

Are they supposed to be scary? What's scary about brain-eating creatures who don't eat? I mean, ever.

EVIL CLOWN said...

But they do eat. Brains, that is.

Brains are all protein and little to no calories. These women are 96% brains. But what's weird is that they aren't smart.

Anonymous said...

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