Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Satan Responds To Abby

SATAN: Whoah, whoah, whoah, tap the breaks Abby. I know we said a lot of stuff that night but you know, it was just talk, right? I ain't a one woman Satan. I need to keep my options open. I mean it was good, baby, but not like 'Satan gonna hang it up' good. And since when does Satan's woman start telling Satan who his lover is. Let me answer that: Never. I'm Satan and I decide what goes down and who it goes down with. Que my music, I'm outta here.


Lisa Bee said...

What kind of shampoo does Satan use? His 'do is really bouncin' and behavin'.

EVIL CLOWN said...

Is that Satan or is that Abby?

If it's Abby... DAMN!

Fox said...

Is Satan's music the theme from Shaft? Is that racist? Is it even possible to be racist against a devil?

EVIL CLOWN said...

Do you know what kind of suit would be brought against Satan if he used Shaft music? But it would probably be just enough like it so that you would think it was but not enough that he would get into any legal trouble.

That Satan he's a bad mother... shut your mouth.

Don't tell Satan to shut his mouth. Satan will say whatever the hell he wants. He's Satan. If you tell Satan to shut his mouth again, he'll burn you in Hell.

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