Wednesday, October 8, 2008

When There's No More Room In Hell Part 2

Previously on When There's No More Room In Hell


GOD: Hello?

SATAN: It's me.

GOD: I'm sorry. Who is this?

SATAN: It's Satan! Seriously, don't you have some kind of caller ID or something? I mean, you're God, right?

GOD: I'm beginning to think I need one.

SATAN: Okay, enough of the niceties. It's still really crowded down here. And that's making it hotter. I mean, I like hot just as much as the next minion, but it's like hot, hot down here. And it's not like I can make paper fans without any of them burning up on me.

GOD: How can I believe you. You are so dramatic about everything.

SATAN: I am not.

GOD: Remember that time we were playing basketball and I blocked your shot and you fell on the ground and it was like "oh no my ankle is broken! God broke my ankle!" and then like two minutes later you were playing again.

SATAN: Alright. Maybe I'm a little dramatic. But not this time. There really are too many people down here.

GOD: Okay, so is this some kind of dig on me? Like I'm not doing my job or something?

SATAN: Jeez you are so touchy. Why does it always have to be about you?

GOD: Well, I am God.

SATAN: This is true. Anyways, did we ever think about this? I know what to do when Hell freezes over, but what about when Hell gets crowded? Do we have some contingency plan or something?

GOD: Can't you just double up on your sacrificial burnings?

SATAN: I have.

GOD: Really? Okay, I have an idea. I know this guy who is a fantastic interior designer who really knows how to work with space. He's from New York. He owes me one and I'll send him your way.

SATAN: Wow. Thanks. Sincerely. What do I owe you?

GOD: Just stop calling.


Paul Arrand Rodgers said...

clearly, the key to solving this to count the corpses.

PIPER said...


It's nice to have you here. I never thought I would see the day.

Let's count them together.




There's too many! run for your lives!