Monday, October 20, 2008


No matter the situation in a horror movie, communication is key. If you're the victim you cry for help JESUS, LORD, HELP ME SOMEBODY THERE'S A CRAZY ASSHOLE OUT TO GET ME. If you're the killer it could be something as simple as, I'M GOING TO TAKE THIS AXE AND SHOW YOU WHAT YOUR INSIDES LOOK LIKE. Suspense thrives with communication. And as horror movies evolve, so must communication techniques. So here are the latest and greatest horror texting abbreviations just in case you should find yourself in a terrifying situation.


K911 - Killer Is Coming Into The Room.

OMGHRBU - Oh My God, He's Right Behind You.

TTICFITH - The Text Is Coming From Inside The House.

F1FAA41IEM4H - Fuck One For All and All For One. It's Every Man For Himself.

ST&CTP - Stop Texting and Call The Police.

^5UKTFer - High 5 You Killed That Fucker.

W8!HNDed - Wait! He's Not Dead.

ROFBSTD - Rolling On The Floor Being Stabbed To Death.

PLZDKMe:) - Please Don't Kill Me.

IDNL8RG8R - I'm Dying Now. Later Gator


:^/ - Evil Face.

IC4U - I'm Coming For You.

URSDUDEKHDUR - You Are So Dead You Don't Even Know How Dead You Are.

COL - Cackle Out Loud.

TN1@4M - There's No One Around For Miles.

G2CY<3O - Going To Cut Your Heart Out.

xD - Really Pissed Off Screaming Evil Face.

CUINMN - See You In My Nightmares.

HMHMHMHM - Hatchets and Machetes (evil sign off)


Megan said...

ROFBSTD! (That's my favorite)

EVIL CLOWN said...

I personally like the PLZDKMe with the smiley face. I think a lot of horrible things have been avoided thanks to :).

Anonymous said...

Don't answer the text!

Fox said...

Awesome. Love those. I'm just imagining how confusing it can get though if you miss one of those digits on something like URSDUDEKHDUR or F1FAA41IEM4H.

Also... K911 could be confusing. Like, what if someone thinks it's "canine 11"?

Megan always texts me YR MY BFF4EVA

EVIL CLOWN said...


That's a good one. But am I not to answer the next text or the one I'm currently looking at?


Or what if you're being attacked or tracked down and you're taking all this time to text someone. All those little keys and me with my big, clumsy fingers.

Yeah, Megan is texting me 24/7. The woman never sleeps. And she's constantly updating her facebook page, too.

JA said...

Have to second the love for ROFBSTD - it made me COL for reals.

EVIL CLOWN said...

It really is amazing that one could be rolling on the floor being stabbed to death and still be able to text.

Megan said...


Nope, not telling. "Figure it out for yourself, Kelly!"

Anonymous said...

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