Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Good evening, everybody. Fox here!

I just put Evil Clown to bed for the night and decided to sneak on here and show you Kristy Swanson in her greatest cinematic moment:


Paul Arrand Rodgers said...


Why Data didn't just do that in The Goonies will forever be a mystery.

EVIL CLOWN said...

And to think, you still can't get porn on YouTube. But this scene is readily available.

Wes Craven had some really bad moments. This is a great scene from a really bad movie.

Moviezzz said...
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Fox said...


Wow. Seeing Data go "Fitty Dollah Bill!" on her in The Goonies woulda been spectacular! Good call.

Evil Clown-

Try "XTube"... at least I've heard, I mean, Megan said something about it once... I dunno.


I've [sheepishly...] never seen Buffy, so I didn't have tha in my frame if reference when I made such a declaration. But if you ever get the chance to listen to the commentary of Dude, Where's My Car, fast forward to the scene with Kristy Swanson in it and listen to what Ashton Kutcher has to say about her.

Fred said...

What is amazing is that the ball is completely intact. What brand is that? All of my Spalding and Wilson balls (even the cool red, white and blue ABA models) couldn't stand up to a little rough game of 5-3-1 or horse. And I'd like to see Koby Bryant or Stephon Marburty try to take someone's head off with a pass. They're little bitches next to Kristy!

Kramer said...

That might be the single greatest scene featuring a killer basketball ever filmed.

EVIL CLOWN said...


That's reinforced steel in that basketball. Not a scratch on that sumbitch. Wash the brain matter off that thing and go and play a quick game.


So um... in lieu of me actually taking the time to watch Dude Where's My Car, what does Ashton say?

Fred said...

Thanks for the info, evil clown. Now my concern is that everytime I go for a layup, that steel reinforced basketball is going to get all Darryl Dawkins on my backboard and rim. Sorry, but I don't have the $$$ to pay for glass everytime I want to go shoot some hoops!

elgringo said...

That was...LIFE CHANGING. Not just for the lady with the blown-up head, but for me as well. I HEART Kristy Swanson so damn bad.

Fox said...

Fred -

HA! I love those ABA balls. They always use them as the 2-point ball in three point shooting contests. Do you think she was using the women's size?

Evil Clown -

On the commentary Kutcher is talking about how much he lusted after Swanson as a kid, and how he was nervous to be in a scene with her b/c he was so hot for her. But then he mentioned how he had a boner while shooting the scene and said, "Man, when she touched my arm right there, I seriously almost blew my load!"


That wouldn't be a bad way to die, huh? I mean... compared to other things. At least Swanson is the last thing you see.

EVIL CLOWN said...


I suggest using the ball for larger purposes. Like demo-ing a large building. Just a couple of bounces up against the wall and that thing is to the ground.


That's some sweet insight for a DVD commentary. I like to know just when Ashton is about to blow his wad.

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